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Having a great functioning mobile website is now absolutely necessary if you own or operate a business.  With the global tidal wave of market saturation of smartphones and tablets, the percentage of online searches performed on mobile devices is steadily increasing.  The peak of this curve and trend is nowhere in sight!  Some people go so far as to predict that the end of the desktop and laptop computer is visible on the horizon.  We won't venture out quite that far, but we certainly agree that this trend is HUGE.  Mobile website design is upon us.

At this time there are three main ways to go with your own mobile website development.  Of course you could nothing about it at all.  That strategy will yield you a steadily increasing decline in customers, exactly opposite of a wise decision.  We'll skip the name calling since we all have work to do in order to stay atop this important market trend.  If you wish to start a business or remain in business, in this new age of smartphones & tablets, mobile websites, mobile search metrics and the like, the right course of action should be pretty clear to anybody over 5 years old.

The first way to go for your mobile website is the fastest, simplest, least expensive and easiest.  This way puts you online on mobile devices immediately!  It buys you time to explore the other two ways, especially if you're driving a larger endeavor.  If you have a much smaller enterprise, especially a new one, the odds are that this is the best way to go.  Skip all the expense, uncertainties, risks and worries of going with a web designer and build your mobile website yourself!  Our awesome website builder for normal websites comes with a free mobile website, hooray!  Yes, free!  And we can hear you right now asking "...if it's any good?"  It's great actually.  Your free mobile website is automatically synchronized with your normal website when you use our excellent, state-of-the-art website builder.  OR, you can choose and customize both your mobile website template and the mobile website itself if that more closely meets your fancy.  And you can do that during your lunch or coffee break if you also work a regular 9-to5 job for example!  Yes!  Yes, it's actually THAT good!  Making your own mobile website is now easy-as-pie.  Our incredible, easy and fun website builder is definitely your best choice for going the first way about your mobile website development.  CLICK HERE to get even closer to getting your new mobile website done!

The second way to go for your mobile website comes in at #2 for speed, simplicity, expense and ease.  This way is most appropriate for those using either paid or free open source website applications on platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., etc.  Whether you're just starting to build your website, or if it's already been up online for a while, there are both free and paid automatic mobile website converters or creators.  Many for WordPress sites are simply mobile website plug-ins, that install and function just as fast-and-easy as the term mobile website plug-in implies!  Others vary in terms of speed, simplicity, expense, ease, and customization options!  The mobile website world just got bigger and it's still growing.  You'll want nothing short of excellent, actually fantabulous web hosting for this second way to deal with getting your mobile website up and running.  CLICK HERE to find out how and why our web hosting is fantabulous!

The third way to go for your mobile website is what to do if your website is a behemoth.  You've got a simply massive website with tons of intricacies, apps, custom information, etc.  You need techies to make you a custom mobile website that functions just as flawlessly as your normal website!  These might be your in-house techies, your on-call techies, or your new mobile website techies.  These people, these mobile website specialists or developers are like big polished diamonds.  Treat them well because they will make-or-break your business as the world goes more-and-more mobile-search-and-interface.  We can however accommodate your hardware requirements quite well under these large scale mobile website circumstances.  Whether it's a new or maturing enterprise our dedicated servers will serve your large scale mobile and regular websites to the world without glitch or interruption!  CLICK HERE to come closer to accomplishing this feat!

The only way we cannot be of help to you with your mobile website conversion is if you choose to ignore this mobile website market trend that's affecting us all.  In that case you might as well either purchase a full page ad in the phone book, or close your business right now before your resources are exhausted.

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